Visit a CALVA location for a free consultation, or send us images of your hair loss and schedule a free phone consultation. Your hair loss solution is reviewed by a certified scalp micropigmentation practitioner, who will guide you from beginning to end – with a customized treatment plan. The practitioners will simulate a hairline to match your desired look. This hairline mockup allows you to see exactly what the treatment will look like on you.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation.jpg


We will begin the scalp micropigmentation process and apply a conservative amount of pigment to your scalp. Again, the color of this pigment will be carefully selected to create a natural appearance, and we will also create a natural hairline that we will precisely follow with the assistance of a computer controlled system to ensure excellent results every single time. This session will be more reserved than your second appointment, and you should not expect to feel any significant pain.


We will fill in your scalp with pigment and for many of our clients, this will be their final visit. At the end of this treatment session, our clients will immediately benefit from the 3D appearance of hair growing on their scalp. This appointment is mostly about adding fullness and depth to your scalp micro-pigmentation. For a few of our clients, a third session will need to be scheduled in order to complete the process, but for most people we see, their second session is their final visit to our clinic.

The Process 1.jpg
The Process Session 2.jpg


You will benefit from a guaranteed hair loss solution that can help restore your confidence and project the appearance of a full head of hair without paying expensive monthly club fees, suffering the pain and possible rejection of a hair transplant, and without worrying about the possibility of a hairpiece or wig falling from your head at an unexpected and inopportune moment.